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Welcome to KBE's home on the internet! Please check in regularly for updates on our classroom activities and resources to help you continue learning at home. If you have any questions you can email Mr. Boyum at boyum.ori@ryeschools.org.†
KBE News
Ms. Joy from the Rye Arts Center came to visit today. We learned about Native American dances and traditions. KBE was also visited by a 5th grader who read to us. She won the honor by participating in the Children's Chance room at the fair.
KBE learned about Memorial Day today. We worked on our Eric Carle collages and finished The Twits. We also visited the Computer Lab and used Type To Learn and RAZ-Kids. Have a nice long weekend!
Today Ms. Joy from the Rye Arts Center came and taught us some African songs and dances. It was fun. She will be back again in two weeks. We continued reading The Twits by Roald Dahl. We talked about different strategies for solving addition problems. Midland had a lockdown drill today. Our class did very well during the drill.

Tomorrow KBE is planning to go to the beach in the afternoon. Please dress your child in their green Feelin' Your Oats t-shirt. Anyone who wishes to join us can meet us in the Midland lobby at 1:00 or at the beach (near Ocean Grille) at 1:30.
KBE had a fun Story Snack today. We continued our Eric Carle Author Study by reading The Very Busy Spider and The Greedy Python​ beginning our own Eric Carle-inspired stories. We visited the Computer Lab and used Type To Learn. We planted flowers in the pots we painted for Bread For Life. We did a review of how to properly form our numbers and practiced writing the numbers from 1-20.

Today KBE had a visitor from Bread of Life. She spoke about hunger in our community and how her organization is helping. Many of our students were eager to help themselves. Today we read Fortunately by Remy Charlip and My Teacher Is A Monster by Peter Brown. We also talked about comparing numbers using the terms Greater Than and Less Than.

KBE has begun an Eric Carle Author Study. So far we have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Grouchy Ladybug. We began the process of creating artwork like Eric Carle by painting all kinds of colors and patterns on huge pieces of paper. KBE has circled back to revisit teen numbers and partners of 10. We have new member of our class, a Rye high school intern named Rafael. For Service Week KBE is partnering with Bread Of Life by creating painted flower pots that will be gifted to people who are homebound.

KBE sold the most Midland Fair raffle tickets and won an ice cream party! Yay! We were so excited. Seventeen different students sold raffle tickets in our class, making it a real team effort. The Midland Fair is tomorrow. The parade starts marching at 9:30!
Today KBE completed a unit in math, programmed with Scratch Jr., did a shared reading activity on the SMARTBoard, and culminated our Solar System unit by visiting outer space with the Magic School Bus. We also had fun reading The Very Grouchy Ladybug.
KBE has new class pets! They are lady beetles and they are very fun to observe. We have been working on some exciting books during Writer's Workshop. In Reader's Workshop we used Abiyoyo and Abiyoyo Returns to talk about acting out character's feelings. In Math we worked on identifying partners of numbers and representing them as an addition equation.
KBE enjoyed sharing tales of their weekend adventures this morning. We went to Music and Gym and read about the Moon. We used Brainpop Jr. to learn about the phases of the Moon and Reading A-Z to access a book about animals who fear that the Moon is disappearing. During Reader's Workshop KBE compiled a list of the reading superpowers we employ and tried to note examples of how we use them in books. At the end of the day we illustrated a special class book and made Neptunes using shaving cream and food coloring.


Today KBE hosted Midland's Spirit Assembly! Our theme was Empathy. We sang a song about kindness. We also learned about Cinco De Mayo and visited the planet Pluto. It was a very busy day!

Today KBE was extraordinarily busy. We learned about Neptune, rehearsed our Spirit Assembly song with the other Kindergarten classes, had a Story Snack, and met famous children's illustrator Harry Bliss. He even made a picture of a dinosaur for us!
KBE continues to study the Solar System. We have learned about seven of the eight planets thus far and marveled at the sheer size and scope of the solar system. We've even painted them all! We have been working on being avid readers and using specific words to describe character feelings in stories. As writers we have been using persuasive words to try to convince our readers to make our school a better place. We visited our buddy class, 3O. They shared their non-fiction books about corporations with us. We have also been rehearsing a new song we have learned about Empathy - we are hosting Midland's Spirit Assembly on Friday! We have been very busy!
KBE learned about Mars today. We traveled there using Nearpod and learned all about how the Mars Rovers get to the Red Planet and what their function is. During Reader's Workshop we used post-its to record our important thoughts about our books. Some of us also used the post-its to identify character's feelings or to add words that they could say. At the end of the day we watched some videos of Chris Hadfield and other astronauts discussing what life on the International Space Station is like. It was a great way to end the week.

KBE has had a busy week. We have been learning about the Solar System. We created a KWL chart and then spent a day learning about the Sun and each of the first three planets. KBE has been working on becoming Avid Readers during Reading Workshop. In our Writing Workshop we have been working on writing to persuade others. We even persuaded our teachers to let us have new pencil sharpener privileges. KBE has also been discussing Empathy in anticipation of next week's Spirit Assembly, which we are hosting with the other Kindergarten classes!

KBE moved our magic beans into Ziploc bags with damp paper towels today. When they begin to sprout we will plant them in soil! We visited the Computer lab, did a fun close reading activity that tied into a song we are learning in Music, and had a yummy story snack. It was a great day!
KBE continued to learn about Earth Day today. We used Nearpod and read a book about 10 different things we can do to help the Earth. In the afternoon we began planting giant magic beanstalks and did literacy centers. We also did a session of Mindfulness with Mrs. London.
KBE had a very eventful day today. We learned about Earth Day, worked in centers, and had a very exciting Shared Reading experience. Ask us about it! Also, our Kindergarten Play video is now available! Click below to enjoy!
KBE returned to school today to find brand new structures on our South Playground. We were so excited! We spent the morning telling each other about our Spring Breaks and getting back into the groove of our morning routines. In the afternoon we did a shared reading activity for Readers Workshop and broke into mixed academic centers for the rest of the afternoon. It was a great first day back!

KBE participated in Midland's fantastic performance of Feelin' Your Oats today. The play was an overwhelming success. We had a cast party afterwards and then spent a fun day celebrating a birthday, doing some shared reading activities, and working on our dinosaur books. It was a memorable day!

KBE performed Feelin' Your Oats twice today in preparation for tomorrow's big parent performance.
See you at 9:15 tomorrow in the Midland Auditorium!
KBE learned about April Fool's Day today. We read Arthur's April Fool and a non-fiction book about the day. Keep an eye out for our clever tricks tomorrow! We spent our Word Study time reviewing vowels. KBE also worked on a dinosaur collage craft for books we are making. Have a great weekend!
KBE's day started with Games With Friends. We then practiced our play on stage, went to Gym, did Morning Meeting, and had a new kind of Word Study activity. During Snack we talked about Spring and read books about how the change in season affects what we see around us. In the afternoon we did a session of Mindfulness with Mrs. London and then rotated through a variety of math and literacy centers. We really enjoyed that part of the day.
Today KBE read Dinosaur Discoveries and Inside-Outside Dinosaurs. We assembled a jumbled bunch of fossils to try to create a logical dinosaur skeleton. We wrote our own Morning Messages, did Fundations using shaving cream, and practiced Feelin' Your Oats on the auditorium stage. It was a busy day!
KBE wrote about the dinosaur extinction event today. During Word Study we discussed dropping the magic e from words before adding the -ing suffix. We also got to see the 1st grade dance performance. It was fantastic.

KBE visited the Computer Lab for the first time today. We got our own usernames and passwords and used RAZ-Kids. We have been rehearsing a lot for our upcoming play, Feelin' Your Oats. We are in the midst of our non-fiction unit on dinosaurs. Over the past few days we have been making distinctions between carnivores and herbivores and learning about the dinosaur extinction event. We also had a Story Snack today. It was fun and very busy!
Today KBE read Dinosaurs by Gail Gibbons and added to our dinosaur KWL chart. We wrote some facts about carnivorous dinosaurs and illustrated a picture of them. We rehearsed for our Feelin' Your Oats play with Mr. Jason from Sandbox Theatre. During Math we focused on identifying groups of five within larger numbers.
KBE celebrated St. Patrick's Day and a birthday today! We read Jamie O'Rourke and the Pooka, made rainbow and pot of gold crafts, and ate lots of donuts! We worked in groups to represent the number of the day in different ways and rehearsed for our upcoming play, Feelin' Your Oats, which will be on April 6th at 9:15 in the auditorium. You're invited! At the end of the day we had parents come in to do a short lesson about skyscrapers, after which we built skyscrapers of our own using cardboard. It was a fun and busy day!

KBE had a busy day after our late arrival today. We read Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato, made a leprechaun craft, had Mindfulness with Mrs. London, and learned about the dr digraph.

KBE read and wrote about the Irish folk tale Fin M'Coul today. We all thought the book was quite amusing. We also read a book about fossils and watched Dinosaur Bones on Bookflix. We are all very excited by the weather forecast.
KBE continued learning about dinosaurs today. We read the amusing When Dinosaurs Came With Everything as well as Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur. We did an interactive Nearpod lesson on Dinosaurs too. In the morning our buddies from 3O came by to help us make sticker labels for the books that Midland is donating to African schools.


KBE began a non-fiction unit about Dinosaurs this week. We talked about how to approach non-fiction books and spent our Reader's Workshops studying dinosaurs. On Monday we were visited by a paleontologist from High Touch High Tech. We have been compiling a K-W-L chart to record what we learn. KBE has also been participating in Midland's Week of Kindness, writing on the Midland Wall of Kindness and being extra Bucket-Fillerish to each other. On Thursday we visited the Science Fair and saw so many great experiments.

On Friday, March 3, 2017 KBE celebrated a Dr. Seuss themed Pajama Day. We read The Sleep Book and Fox in Socks, made cat hats, and searched for word families in Seuss books during Reader's Workshop. KBE also visited the auditorium for an assembly about Kindness. We learned about Midland's African book drive as well as our new Wall of Kindness. The Midland Bulldog came by to visit as well!


Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday! We dressed in green in honor of Green Eggs and Ham. Today we read the Butter Battle Book and learned about the Magic E. Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday. We read the book of that name as well as Ten Apples Up On Top. It was also the Great Midland Read Aloud, during which we visited 5th grade to hear There's A Wocket In My Pocket. We've been so busy!
KBE continued celebrating Dr. Seuss week by reading Hooray for Diffendoofer Day, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and Green Eggs and Ham. We worked with a writing prompt today - I Can... - and used our Magnet Boards to create tricky words featuring digraphs. Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday - remember to wear something mismatched or inside out or backwards!

KBE returned to school and wrote about their vacations. We did such fun things over break! We began celebrating Dr. Seuss week at school by reading three of his books, The Cat In The Hat, The Cat In The Hat Comes Back, and The Lorax. We also watched a short Brainpop video about him during snack. KBE is working on deciding whether to us k or ck at the end of words.

KBE celebrated the 100th day of school today! It was so fun! We dressed as twins, visited other classes, read related books, and reminisced about our year to date. It was a great last day before break. Enjoy your week off everyone!


KBE got to see the 5th grade's performance of Shrek today. It was fantastic! We also talked about the upcoming 100th day and shared our 100th day collections. They were so creative! In the afternoon we wrote about what we will be like when we are 100 years old. KBE also got to celebrate a birthday during Story Snack. It was a really fun day. Reminder - tomorrow is Twin's Day. If you don't have an outfit that works feel free to wear Midland wear to be Mr. Boyum's twin.
Greetings! KBE had a busy week since the last post on our website but Mr. Boyum was ill for much of it, so no updates. Apologies. We're back now! Yesterday KBE had a Valentine's Day brunch. It was delicious. We made bookmarks and a collaborative yarn heart art project and then played some very competitive rounds of Bingo. Today KBE began the day with a Nearpod morning meeting, had an awesome ART-BOT activity, and did a fun STEAM activity with our buddies for the upcoming 100th day of school. Recently in school we have also been playing a lot of dice addition games, learning a song for our Kindergarten play (April 6th!), and working with new digraphs. We now know ch, sh, th, and wh.

KBE had a busy day today but are most excited about sharing our new Padlet skills with you. Click on Olaf below to see what we've learned how to do or to contribute to our Padlet!.

Today KBE received a gift from the Midland Bulldog. It was a book titled Same, Same but Different and it featured a pen-pal relationship between an American child and an Indian child. We wrote about similarities and differences between us and our friends during Writer's Workshop. KBE also played Sight Word Bingo today. We have some very lucky children in our class!
Fun Videos

2/3/2017 - Spirit Assembly

At today's Spirit Assembly we the 2nd grade presented the character trait Gratitude. We also learned that Midland has earned Twins Day on February 17. On that day students are meant to choose some friends to coordinate clothing with - dress like twins! Today our class experimented with Padlet for the first time. It is going to be a very useful tool for us.

Sign up HERE.

KBE celebrated Groundhog Day today. Most of our class predicted that the Groundhog would not see his shadow but, alas, we were wrong. Six more weeks of winter! In the last two days KBE had a Story Snack, did a lesson on Mindfulness with Mrs. London, had a Nearpod morning meeting, and visited the auditorium for a variety of amusing entertainers. We read Groundhog Day, Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts The Weather, and Lion Dancer. We also watched a short documentary about Chinese New Year.

KBE continued focusing on Vowel Teams during Word Study today. We worked together to come up with ways to represent the 88th day and compiled a list of equations. We learned about Groundhog Day and were told to start thinking about what we predict the groundhog will do. We walked outside in the snow and read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Then we made a fun Snowy Day art project. At the end of the day we learned about the Midland Writes letter writing program and received our first letters from other classes. We are going to respond tomorrow.
Over the last two school days KBE did STEAM building activities, first with large wooden dowels and rubber bands and then replacing the dowels with pencils. In Reader's Workshop we talked about getting our mouths ready to read the first letter of a word and in Word Study we talked about what happens When Two Vowels Go Walking.
Over the last two days KBE has been very busy! We programmed Bee-Bots, had a story snack, celebrated a birthday, did Mindfulness with Mrs. London, met the Tiny Tumblers, and learned about Chinese New Year. During our Reading Workshop we read as partners and in Writing Workshop we conferred with our friends and discussed how they could improve their stories.
Today KBE had a visit from all of the Kindergarten teachers! We fishbowled (modeled) a writer's conference for them and then went back to improve our stories. Mr. Boylan and some other grownups joined us as well. During reader's workshop we discussed how some words are sight words for us even if they aren't on our sight word ring. Later in the day Mrs. Napolitano came by and we showed her how we can use Nearpod to plan stories collaboratively. At the end of the day we coded directions for each other to move around a grid, creating KBE-Bots. It was a perfect lead-in for tomorrow's Bee-Bots activity. What a busy day!
Today KBE wrote about our weekends. We focused on sight words during our Fundations time and our Reader's Workshop. We read Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon and The Secret Olivia Told Me. In our math books we identified shapes and talked about how some ways that shapes can be the same but still look different.

Today KBE did a fun Science activity during which we applied equal strength to an object in opposite directions and watched what happened. It was part of our unit on force and motion. We also wrote Get Well cards to Mrs. Napolitano and programmed a Scratch Jr. dance routine.


Today KBE had a busy day! We used manipulatives to notice groups of five within single digit numbers. We finished our snowy day self-portraits. We shared our stories during Writer's Workshop and are preparing to start new ones. We had a Story Snack and visited the Midland STEAM museum. It was a lot of fun!

KBE read Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells and talked about how we as storytellers can communicate using both pictures and text. We also read Snow by Gail Gibbons and made self portraits of us in the snow. We made breathing bracelets during Mindfulness and shared our stories with each other during Writing Workshop.
Today KBE read the Midland book of the month, We Shall Overcome. We wrote about our weekends and did a science activity concerning magnitude of force, described as either gentle or strong. At the end of the day we did a Nearpod activity during Writer's Workshop,


KBE put all of their Reading Super Powers together today during Readers Workshop and earned a lot of Raz-Kids Stars. Mr. Boyum was so impressed he gave everyone extra bonus stars! We learned how to form the capital letters X,Y, and Z and should now know both the letter sound and the letter formation for all of the letters of the alphabet. We continued working on our interesting animal stories during Writer's Workshop. We talked about the differences between pushing and pulling and played a fun game to introduce our new Science unit, Force and Motion.
On January 11 and 12 KBE learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We made a portrait of him and read a few books, most notably Martin's Big Words. KBE also focused on partners of 10, discussed story elements and wrote stories, and used our pointer power to find sight words. We also celebrated a birthday!

KBE began reading The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. We did a sight word challenge, practiced writing our numbers, learned the letter formation for the capital letters R, S, & T, and used Nearpod to give virtual presents to our birthday boy!
KBE did a STEAM Activity today, building towers using index cards and tape. We were introduced to the capital letters N, O, P, and Qu. We wrote and discussed the terms character, setting, and plot. We continued to don capes to exhibit our Pointer Power during reader's workshop. We read Going Places.


Today KBE attended Midland's January Spirit Assembly! Ask us what the theme of this year's Midland Fair is! We were also taught how to form the capital letters K, L, and M. We read more Leo Lionni stories and played a game where we used our magic abilities (and math) to deduce how many cubes our friends had removed from our piles. During Reader's Workshop we donned capes to show off our Pointer Power and in Writing Workshop we wrote about our weekend plans. At the end of the day we programmed a race using Scratch Jr. It was a lot of fun!
KBE celebrated a birthday today and had a separate Story Snack. We heard several books and ate several cupcakes! We introduced the capital letter formations for G,H,I, and J and practiced writing our numbers correctly. We found words around the room using our Reading Super Powers during Reader's Workshop. During Writer's Workshop we discussed the importance of being able to read our own words. We did Zen Den and read a few more Leo Lionni stories as well.

Today KBE had a Nearpod morning meeting. We learned the Fundations way to form the capital letters D, E, and F. We read Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse by Leo Lionni and did a torn paper craft. We had a session of Mindfulness with Mrs. London. We also read two books that were gifted to our class by students, Imaginary Fred and A Perfectly Messed Up Story.
Happy New Year! KBE returned to school and spent some time discussing the calendar and how it changes annually. We wrote and shared about our holiday breaks in the morning and about our New Year's Resolutions in the afternoon. Books we read today were Squirrel's New Year's Resolution by Pat Miller, Red by Michael Hall, and Frederick by Leo Lionni. We used an illustration of a park scene to tell addition and subtraction stories and were formally introduced to the capital letters A, B, & C. It was a busy day!
Today was Midland's Annual Kindergarten Multicultural Celebration. There were so many yummy treats! Thank you parents for taking the time to make the food as well as all of your generous gifts. Best wishes to all for a nice holiday vacation. Happy Holidays! See you in 2017!
Today KBE shared our multicultural dolls. We used Google Earth to travel to each doll's country of origin. Our multicultural celebration is tomorrow at 11am in the cafeteria. For a sneek peek at what we are having you can check out our recipe book.KBE spent the rest of the day doing Mindfulness, making holiday crafts, using iPads for a morning meeting, and rehearsing some songs with the rest of Kindergarten. We are so excited for the upcoming holidays!

KBE visited Africa with Google Earth today. We saw wild animals at Kruger National Park in South Africa. KBE also worked in groups to make equations to represent the number of the day (66), read How the Grinch Stole Christmas, wrote holiday cards, and made Gingerbread Houses. Our room smells like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
KBE traveled to Victoria Falls and the Pyramids of Egypt learn about the continent of Africa today. We then returned back to Rye and began learning about Kwanzaa. We watched Seven Candles for Kwanzaa on Bookflix and learned about the seven principles of Kwanzaa. We made special placemats called mkekas in the afternoon. The class was also introduced to the Fundations letters Qu/qu and Zz.
KBE traveled to Germany to learn about St. Nicholas' Day and their tradition of leaving boots out for Santa. We read The Polar Express and made Santa hats. KBE also worked in teams to make equations for our number of the day, had a great Story Snack (we heard Henry, the Dog with No Tail, If You Give a Dog a Donut, and Excellent Ed), and made gumdrop and toothpick structures.
KBE traveled to Spain today to learn about how Spaniards celebrate Christmas. We played music and danced the traditional Jota dance. It was fun... and noisy! KBE read The Night Before Christmas today. We visited our buddies in 3O and made jewelry boxes for senior citizens. We did a Nearpod morning meeting, had Games with Friends, and had a session of Mindfulness with Mrs. London! Wow!
Today is Santa Lucia Day in Sweden! We traveled there with Google Earth and made Santa Lucia crowns. We also heard a story called Hanna's Christmas. KBE finished our communal yarn letter project and also read Arthur's Christmas and the Rookie Book about Christmas. We were introduced to the Fundations letters Xx and Yy.
KBE traveled to Mexico today to learn about the Legend of the Poinsettia. Coincidentally, yesterday was Poinsettia Day! We read a story and made a Poinsettia craft. KBE also began a communal art project today, one that will eventually decorate our classroom until the end of days. Ask us about the yarn! Lastly, KBE got to sit in on a rehearsal of the 1st-3rd grade holiday concert. It was fantastic!
KBE traveled to the Ukraine today to learn about how Hanukkah is celebrated. When we got there we made menorahs and watched related books on BookFlix. Today we also read Mrs. Greenberg's Messy Hanukkah and had a Nearpod morning meeting. Mrs. Glantz, Ms. M, and Mr. Boyum were also thrilled to recieve a big bundle of greeting cards from the class. Thank you!

What a busy day! Today KBE used Google Earth to travel to Jerusalem. We packed our passports into our suitcases (ask us about them!) and went to Israel to see the remains of the temple from the Hanukkah story. We made a dreidel craft, danced the hora, and played dreidel games. It was fun! KBE also had a fun story snack. We heard Deck the Walls and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell.
KBE visited Bookflix today to learn about compasses. The companion book was Hansel and Gretel. We then explored the capabilities of Google Earth, which we are going to be using to "travel" in our upcoming Holidays Around The World unit. KBE also did a session of Mindfulness with Mrs. London. In the afternoon forecast the national weather using a map.
Today KBE read a Rookie Book about Chanukah and I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Dreidel. We wrote using the phrase "I can..." and used the iPads to code with Scratch Jr again. We made Spooky Forests.
Today KBE read Merry Christmas, Strega Nona and began discussing December holidays. Information was sent home regarding our 2016 Multicultural Celebration. In the afternoon we did an Hour of Code, using Scratch Jr. on our iPads. It was fun but hard!
KBE switched our calendar from November to December and got so excited to hear about all the exciting things that are coming up this month! We read Ask Me and Beyond The Pond. We talked about capital vs lowercase letters and were introduced to the Fundations letters Vv and Ww. We counted straight lines in shapes and identified quadrilaterals. At the end of the day we had a story snack and heard Bear Snores On, Is Your Mama A Llama?, and The Day the Crayons Came Home. The picture below shows the different ways to represent the number of the day that we came up with during our Morning Meeting.

KBE has been discussing solid vs. plane shapes. We began reading Bramble and Maggie by Jessie Haas and used iPads to do a Nearpod morning meeting and to access our RAZ-Kids accounts. We drew self portraits using cray-pas. KBE has also been reading books that were generously donated to our class by parents - recently we have read I'll Wait, Mr. Panda, King Baby, and The Skunk. At the end of the day we did a STEAM activity during which we used clay and straws to build big towers.
KBE returned from Thanksgiving weekend to find a large group of Turkey Toms who had successfully hidden from Mr. Farmer. We shared their stories. We read Fletcher and the Falling Leaves on Bookflix and used our magnet boards to form as many words as we could with a given set of letters. In the afternoon we did a math assessment (no fun) and watched a video about paying it forward (lots of fun). We also began our new read aloud, Bramble and Maggie.
11/23/2016 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Click on the image above to download KBE's hit single TURKEY DINNER. It makes an excellent ring tone and can also be played on loop during long car rides. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

KBE wrote about where we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner. We read The Can-Do Thanksgiving and talked about the concept of donating food and time to people less fortunate than us. We practiced connecting dots in our math workbooks and sounded out words on our dry erase boards. At the end of the day we used different kinds of materials to create "sunbrellas" to protect ice cubes from the sun. We will use them in an experiment in the near future. We enjoyed watching ourselves in our Thanksgiving video.

KBE had special visitors come from a distant and cold land today. We read a book about Thanksgiving, made pasta necklaces, and decorated corn husk dolls. Thank you to our special guests! We appeared on television, programmed with Bee-Bots, practiced Mindfulness, read A Perfect Thanksgiving, and were introduced to the Fundations letters Ll, Hh, and Kk.

KBE has had a busy two days! We had Games With Friends and a Story Snack (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs), got visited by a scientist from High Touch High Tech (to learn about the 5 senses), read Arthur's Thanksgiving and 'Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving, did a Nearpod Morning Meeting, and had an early dismissal drill! We are learning and writing about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for.

Parents visited KBE this morning as part of Midland's Open House. They watched a Nearpod morning meeting and learned the new Fundations letters Pp and Jj. During snack we read Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me and watched Come On, Rain! We spent the rest of the day discussing Thanksgiving, reading Thanksgiving Day by Gail Gibbons and Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr. We made a word bank of Thanksgiving related words and worked with partners to write about the holiday. We also read the RAZ-Kids book On Thanksgiving (Level B).


KBE read Dr. Seuss' classic McElligot's Pool today. We also read Tedd Arnold's Huggly Get Dressed and finished Nate the Great. We continued working on our multiple page stories, went on a Mindful walk outside, and practiced writing our 5s: down, around, put on a hat!

Reminder - parents are welcome to come visit KBE tomorrow morning!


KBE celebrated a birthday and had a story snack today! We read The Book With No Pictures, Dragons Love Tacos, Pet the Cat: Sir Pete the Brave, and Skippy John Jones: Snow What! We planted tulip bulbs in front of Midland with Mrs. Berkoff. We talked about reading like teachers do during Reader's Workshop and spent Writer's Workshop making stories with multiple pages. Have a nice long weekend!

KBE used iPads to have a Nearpod morning meeting. It was fun being able to each do the morning routines on our own and having our work shared with the class. We met with an Army veteran after Gym and asked him questions about his time as a Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan. He showed us some of his medals. Thank you for your service Mr. Ken! We met with our buddies from 3O and wrote letters to various kinds of heroes for Veteran's Day. At the end of the day we had a lockdown drill. KBE also played with Bee-Bots, learned to draw figures using ovals in place of lines, read Nate the Great and a book about resiliency called Bounce Back, and disassembled Mr. Boylan's VCR! What a busy day!

KBE finished Mercy Watson to the Rescue today and began our new read aloud book, Nate the Great. We were introduced to our new Fundations letters, Ee and Rr. We read Oliver by Judith Rossell. We used pictures to make addition and subtraction stories into equations. We took photos behind a presidential podium - check out our slideshow - and made a patriotic book in honor of Election Day. In the afternoon we checked in with Kid President. During Reader's Workshop we used When Sophie's Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt to focus on stopping while reading to wonder what will happen next.

KBE had a very busy Friday. It started with Midland's November Spirit Assembly, hosted by thr 4th grade and focused on the character trait Patriotism. Back in class we read When Sophie Gets Angry... Really, Really Angry and The Book With No Pictures. We practiced forming our 3s and 4s and identified groups of 4 within a larger picture. We used iPads for the first time, exploring a fun tool called Nearpod to share our work with our friends! We placed ice cubes in the sun on two different colored surfaces to see whether it would affect their melting speed! We found out the results of the Midland Presidential Election (Clinton 409 - Trump 112)!

KBE celebrated the Cubs World Series victory by learning their victory song. We worked on tapping out words with all of our Fundations letters and visited Bookflix to learn what the President's job is and watch Madam President by Lane Smith. We also worked on forming our number 3s the right way and drawing groups of 3 objects.

11/2/2016 - Election Day!

KBE voted in Midland's 2016 Presidential Election today! We provided our voter registration cards and got to place our vote in ballot boxes on the auditorium stage. The 5th grade did an incredible job running the event and gave us stickers and flags when we were through. We can't wait to find out the results of our school election on Friday. During snack we watched Pets at the White House and Children Make Terrible Pets on Bookflix. KBE began the day with Games With Friends. We practiced our letter formation for all of the letters we have learned thus far and noted how many letters begin with the formation of the letter c. In the afternoon we talked about our linger finger during Reader's Workshop. This technique involves turning pages slowly and really looking at the text and illustrations. In Writer's Workshop we read The Little Engine That Could and talked about perseverance as authors.


KBE is going to vote tomorrow in Midland's presidential election! We prepared by reading Duck for President and its prequel, Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type. You can revisit Duck for President on Bookflix. We also talked briefly about elections and voting and made our own voter registration cards. We received the new Fundations letters Dd and Ss and focused on revising our work during Writing Workshop. In the afternoon we did a Science activity outside. Ask us about our Solar Mittens!

10/31/16 - Halloween

KBE celebrated Halloween in style this year. We read How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin and predicted how many seeds were in our KBE pumpkin. We carved it and counted the seeds - there were 525! We met with our buddy class, 3O, and used magazines to make collages that showed our similar interests. In the afternoon on Friday we had our Halloween party and parade! On Halloween itself we read the Hallo-Weiner by Dav Pilkey, wrote about our trick or treating plans, and visited all of the other Kindergarten classrooms to do different Halloween art activities. So much fun!
If you have any great photos from any of our Halloween events please share them with Mr. Boyum so he can add them to our Shutterfly site!
KBE participated in a lockdown drill this morning. The class was calm and quiet throughout the drill, which lasted approximately 15 minutes. Afterwards we celebrated by reading three of the Boyum children's favorite books, My Big Shouting Day, Naked, and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. In the afternoon we did a fun witch art project, tried to match the number of words we say to the number of words on the page in Reader's Workshop, wrote about our Halloween costumes, and had a Story Snack. Our guest reader read us There's An Ouch In My Pouch!, Posie the Kitten in Pink, and Moon Rabbit. It was a fun day!

Our Halloween parade is tomorrow at 2:15. It's going to be so much fun! Please remember to send your child to school in regular clothes with their costume in a separate bag.

KBE had a short day because of Parent-Teacher Conferences but managed to do Morning Meeting, get new magnet tiles for the letters Aa and Gg, and watch a non-fiction video about Halloween. We also talked about using IXL at home and bringing in a new cozy book to add to our book bin.

KBE was introduced to the Fundations letters Aa and Gg today. We tapped out words and practiced writing our new letters on our dry erase boards. We read and watched several Halloween books today (Skeleton Hiccups, A Very Brave Witch, By The Light Of The Halloween Moon, and Halloween Is...) and did a fun ghost art and writing activity. We also used manipulatives to create different combinations to represent single digit numbers. In the afternoon we did Reader's Theater and acted out The Carrot Seed and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We also visited the Zen Den and watched The Candle of Concentration.


Mr. Chris from High Touch High Tech came to visit today! We did a Science program called Weather Or Not and talked about what drives our weather. KBE also celebrated United Nations Day, sponsored by the Passport Club. We received and delivered the book My Granny Went to Market by Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr and talked about the differences among the countries featured in the story.


KBE was introduced to two new Fundations letters, Cc and Oo. We were trapped inside because of the rain so we replaced recess with a fun Yoga activity. We read We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen and did a fun leaf art activity based on Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. Click on the image above to see our Leaf Men! At the end of the day we wrote about our weekends and labeled our pictures with colored pencil. It was a fun end to a busy week.

10/20/2016 - Rye Nature Center

KBE had the busiest day! We visited the Rye Nature Center for a cidering activity and a guided walk in the woods. We went to Music. We watched Be Polite and Kind in our Learning to Get Along series. We read a book called Autumn Leaves and went outside to collect materials for an upcoming art activity. At the end of the day we had a marathon Story Snack where we read a record SEVEN books! We read Red, Chu's Day, Leo, I Want My Hat Back, Smelly Socks, The Bunnies Are Not In Their Beds, and Spoon! WOW!

KBE had a Games morning! We read The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin and did a fun pumpkin craft project. We visited BrainPop Jr. to learn about Halloween and generated a list of Halloween related words. After Reading and Writing Workshop we went outside to study how the Sun warms the Earth. We wrote about our observations in our science journals.

The class will be walking back from there afterwards. If it looks like it might rain please pack an umbrella for your child.


KBE read one of Mr. Boyum's favorite books, One by Kathryn Otoshi. We began working with horizontal and vertical graphs as ways to visualize numbers. In Reader's Workshop we continued working on understanding meaning through pictures and in Writer's Workshop we wrote about fun experiences we've had with our friends. At the end of the day we did a paper construction project.


KBE finished Bunjitsu Bunny and moved on to our next chapter book, Mercy Watson To The Rescue. We also read The Dot. We tapped out letters as both readers and writers and worked with our horizontal and vertical graphs to compare manipulatives. We visited Art with Mr. Reilly and celebrated a double birthday!


KBE met Sparky the Firedog today when the Rye Fire Department came to discuss Fire Safety. We got to practice our Stop, Drop, and Roll technique and we saw them spray a hose and climb a ladder on their truck! We visited BrainPop Jr and Bookflix to learn more about Fire Safety and prevention. Back in class we used our Fundations magnet tiles to tap out words that included Ii and Uu. We drew pictures of ourselves as scientists in the afternoon, read with our partners during Reader's Workshop, and wrote about our weekend plans. Have a great weekend everybody!


KBE had an awesome story snack today. We read Because Of You and The Day The Crayons Quit and ate crayons! KBE was introduced to the Fundations letters Ii and Uu and talked about the differences between vowels and consonants. We tapped out our first word, t-u-b! KBE practiced picture walking through books and then used pictures to try to predict and identify words in the text. We also practiced drawing and cutting circles. It was a busy day.

10/7/2016 - October Spirit Assembly

KBE attended Midland's October Spirit Assembly this morning! It was hosted by the 5th grade and focused on Responsibility. The Midland Bulldog came to visit!

Our third grade buddies from Mrs. Orzo's class came to visit for the first time. They interviewed us and we showed them around our classroom. We read Midland's book of the month, Randy Riley's Really Big Hit by Chris van Dusen. KBE discussed how we can experience weather and did a walk outside to make some observations.

Today KBE talked about the differences between addition and subtraction and practiced using plus and minus signs. We practiced doing picture walks in books and then summarizing the story. KBE also had a yummy Story Snack during which we made smores! Using Zen Den we learned about Thought Bubbles and during snack we watched Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus and Harold and the Purple Crayon on Bookflix.
We have a Spirit Assembly tomorrow! Wear your Midland colors!


KBE began our day by playing Games With Friends! Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to play with us. Afterwards we transitioned our calendar from September to October and discussed some of the exciting things we have to look forward to this month. We read more of Bunjitsu Bunny, revisited The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Carrot Seed, and watched Chicka Chicka 123 and Knuffle Bunny on Bookflix. After lunch we did a Mindfulness activity on Zen Den, did Readers and Writers Workshop, and made our names using colored tissue paper. We were very busy!

KBE used Bookflix to learn about libraries today. We watched Wild About Books and a related book about librarians. We used the counting mat to show different ways to represent the number 4 using red and black squares. We had a discussion about how the illustrations don't match the text in the book This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen. During Reader's Workshop we partnered up for the first time and shared our "Wow" pages. After lunch we learned about Superpower Listening. KBE also began our first chapter book read-aloud, Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny by John Himmelman.


Today KBE read two books that are going to become anchor texts for our Reader's Workshop this year. They are The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone and The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krause. We will revisit these books several times this year. We talked about doing picture walks of books and noting our favorite pages with post-it notes. KBE also read Z Is For Moose by Kelly Bingham, created scenes of 2 and 3 objects, practiced mindfulness, and had a Story Snack. It was a fun day.


KBE used their math trays and manipulatives to represent groups of objects less than 5 today. This is an activity we will revisit several times this year. We read several books, among them Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Z Was Zapped, and I Went Walking. We visited BrainPop Jr. to spark a conversation about rhyming and sang Down By The Bay. We did partnered reading for the first time in Reader's Workshop and learned the phrase "When we are done we have just begun!" during Writer's Workshop. Lastly, we watched Movies in My Mind on Zen Den - we do this kind of activity every day after recess to settle down and get ready for the afternoon. Check it out!


KBE doesn't have lice! Hooray! In class today we talked about different shapes and their attributes. We created a book called Purple Oval, Purple Oval based on Bill Martin's Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We were introduced to the Fundations letters Ff and Bb and got our first letter magnets. We looked at non-fiction books in a group and on our own during Reader's Workshop. At the end of the day we talked about what a scientist is and got our Science notebooks for the first time. We also visited Brainpop Jr. to see what they had to say about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


KBE's first full day of school was very busy! In the morning the letter Tt was introduced as our first Fundations letter. Like all letters to come it was introduced with some fun SMARTBoard activities and a visit to Starfall before we assigned it a keyword (top) and practiced writing it on our dry erase boards. We then read Donald Crew's Freight Train and talked about how authors choose their subject matter. This led into our Writer's Workshop time in the afternoon, during which we talked about subjects that we know a lot about. We drew pictures to show our friends what we know. During Reader's Workshop we read the room, looking for print in our environment that we could try to decipher. We also looked at examples of environmental print using the SMARTBoard.

If you have not yet decorated your red binder and/or sent in a spare sock please do so as soon as you can.

9/23/2016 - Picture Day

KBE looked fantastic today! We did a great job posing for photos and were rewarded by getting to play on the big kid playground on the North side of Midland. In class we continued talking about the concept of reducing trash and viewed Trashy Town and Making Less Trash on Bookflix. We also learned about primary colors, reading the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh and making our own versions of the book.

KBE's writer's notebooks (the red binders) were sent home today with instructions to decorate the front cover with images that are meaningful or inspirational to your child. These can and should include photographs of your family and friends. Decorating the writer's notebook in this way makes it even more special and can be used to help formulate writing ideas. Please complete this task and return the binders to Midland as quickly as possible.


KBE met with a representative from We Future Cycle in the cafeteria this morning to learn about how Midland sorts lunch waste in order to reduce trash. During snack we watched a short video about recycling. KBE received our class job assignments for the first time today. Everyone was able to fulfill their new responsibilities, which change daily. We also got to use our Fundations kits for the first time. We read Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni. During morning meeting we used WUnderground to start a new system of tracking the weather. Remember - tomorrow is Picture Day!


Today was our first Games With Friends day. Thank you to those who came in to play with us! Later, KBE read How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids and continued our conversation about Bucket Filling and empathy. We read Press Here by Herve Tullet and illustrated books called I Can Read Colors. KBE also went to Gym and had a fire drill. At the end of the morning we practiced identifying rhymes.

KBE read Being A Good Citizen and came up with a list of rules to guide us in school. We also read the related We Are Citizens and Do Unto Otters on Bookflix. We were excited to receive our math workbooks and got to do the first activity in them. It was drawing groups of objects.


Today KBE read two GREAT books. The first was Ish by Peter Reynolds. This book teaches that we don't have to be perfect to be appreciated, and that doing our best is good enough. The second book was Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. This book focuses on being kind to others and having empathy. We listened to this song and this song when we were done. When they say you learn everything you need to know to succeed in life in Kindergarten they were talking about days like this.

P.S. Thank you to all of the families who generously donated books from the Book Fair to our class library. I will thank your child before introducing each of the books to our class.

We went to lunch for the very first time!

KBE read The Show and Tell Lion by Barbera Abercrombie and had a discussion about our final REACH character trait, Honesty. We also watched Strega Nona on Bookflix (you can go there too, login information is on the right side of this page), went to Library, and celebrated a birthday by eating CANDY SUSHI!!! Have a great weekend!

Today KBE read Fireboat by Maira Kalman and learned about the character trait Cooperation. We also visited the Book Fair, read the heart notes that our parents left us at Back To School Night, and voted on a name for our new class fish. Ask us what we named him! KBE also celebrated our first birthday of the year today. It was fun and we got yummy cupcakes!


Today KBE read Elmer by David McKee and Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus to spark a conversation about the character trait Acceptance. We were introduced to Echo the Fundations owl and learned about the sky, plane, grass, and worm lines. KBE also continued reading Anno's Counting Book, both identifying and creating groups of objects. The class also had Gym and a fire drill.


KBE learned about Empathy today. It was defined as having an understanding of other people's feelings. As a part of our conversation we read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and Should I Share My Ice Cream by Mo Willems. The class visited Mr. Reilly's Art room for the first time. We also began discussing Anno's Counting Book, the first lesson in our Expressions Math program. Check out our numeral song!


KBE has begun learning about Midland's REACH Character Education program. REACH stands for Respect, Empathy, Acceptance, Cooperation & Honesty. Today we read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and had a discussion about respect, which we defined as behaving in a way that makes others feel important. After noting that Chrysanthemum has 13 letters in her name we made a graph to see how many letters were in each of our names. KBE also had Gym, Music, and our first fire drill of the year. It was a busy morning!


KBE went to our first Spirit Assembly today! It was fun hearing the Midland Song for the first time and seeing so many siblings and neighbors. Upon our return to class we read The Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone. In the middle of the book the Gingerbread Boy himself ran by our classroom! We chased him all over the school, and while we were unable to actually catch him he was kind enough to leave ginger snaps in our room for us to eat. It was a lot of fun! KBE also visited the Library with Mrs. Andrews for the first time and learned about listening with your whole body.


Today KBE read from Rosemary Wells' My Kindergarten and Pigs Make Me Sneeze by Mo Willems. We made a schoolhouse craft project and visited both the playground and Music with Mr. Pease for the first time. At the end of the morning we attended an assembly meant to introduce us to Echo, a guide dog new to Midland this year. We did a great job following the rules and routines that have been discussed thus far.

Our RAZ-Kids accounts are ready! Click here to access the site. My username is oboyum and your password is the red apple. I will explain more about these at Back to School Night but they are available now if you choose to explore them. Enjoy!

Online signup sheets are available for Games With Friends and Story Snack. These will both be explained at Back to School Night as well.

KBE's first day of school was a success! We read Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate and The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. The class also went through our Morning Meeting routines for the first time and visited the Gym with Coach Panagos. It looks like we have a really great group!

9/6/16 - Kindergarten Orientation!
Kindergarten Orientation was so much fun! KBE read The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing. We talked about what to expect on the first day of school and took a tour of the classroom. This is going to be a great year!

9/5/16 - Our room is ready!


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